What our Customers say...


I had mold in my house after a storm a few weeks ago. They came out and remediated it right away!

My house flooded after we suffered from a huge rainstorm. I would use them again!

Shawn was great, thank you

I had a fire in my kitchen that caused smoke damage, unfortunately. I'm glad I called SERVPRO and I would recommend  them!

Thank you for all of your help and good service.

Shawn and his team arrived at my business promptly and were able to help me out with a leak. 

I appreciate how quickly the team responded to our call. We had a pipe burst in our home and it was flooded.

We are so pleased to write this review of Jose Rodriguez and Jose Medina who are part of your recovery and restoration team.   Jose Rodriguez came to our house on Saturday, March 27th, to evaluate the damages to our kitchen island cabinets damaged by a sub cabinet leak. Jose Rodriguez had been working down the street from our house at a neighbor's home. Jose Rodriguez was in his truck getting materials when I approached him and told him of our dilemma. He was very busy with our neighbors, but offered to look at the situation as soon as he finished with the neighbor's job. Jose Rodriguez promptly arrived at our home as soon as he could; he immediately recognized the need to contain the mold on the Island wall and reached out to his supervisors J Shawn and Fernando Pena.    Jose Rodriguez took pictures and measurements and worked with Mr. Pena to quote a price and schedule the restoration to be done. To our surprise SERVPRO was able to start our kitchen job Monday morning.   Jose Rodriguez and Jose Medina worked non-stop to complete what needed to be done to make our home safe from a wall of mold. Both men were diligent in the steps they took to set-up, contain, and remove the mold in our home.    We really appreciated their help and service during this time as we were at a loss as to what to do to resolve this leak issue.    Jose Rodriguez and Jose Medina are truly professionals in their field and hope they are regarded as assets to your company.   Thank you.

George and Jose were absolutely amazing. I would not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

I just wanted to let you know I'm very pleased with my services today and with Louis, Erika & Zoley. They did a fantastic job and were all very helpful. I feel good knowing all they did and how well.

  Thank you personally for a couple of reasons. You came out quickly for an estimate, were able to work with me and schedule my service fast as well. Also thanks for the crew you sent. They work well together, individually and with me. Thank you very much SERVPRO, Fernando, Louis, Erika & Zoley to all which I am very grateful. 

Great people

Very nice employees who did great work!

They came out very quickly after our fire. Shawn was very nice and helpful!

They removed soot from my china. Good job!

Great work. They came out when no one else could

We had a pipe burst in our office. They fixed it very quickly, thank you.

SERVPRO of Sanibel was in Dallas helping after our freeze. They did a great job.

I would recommend this service. I had a good experience. 

They helped me with mold after some flooding. Thank you.

Shawn was super nice and the job was completed in no time!

Good service! Would use next time

Very polite team

Sanibel SERVPRO helped my home recover after a water loss. Thank you.

Thank you to the best SERVPRO team

I'm very impressed. We were in the process of selling our home, found mold, and SERVPRO came out right away to help.

The tropical storm hit us hard. Thank you for fixing up our home!

Shawn was so nice & did a great job. I recommend!

Great folks!

Great service! Call them for mold, they found water damage. Now my place is as good as new!

Found black mold, they came and took care of the problem. Thanks

Polite employees, would use again.

Thank you! Great job!

Had some major rain, caused flooding in my yard. Then, it caused problems inside my house. Thank you, SERVPRO for fixing everything quickly! 

The employees on our job were very nice and respectable.

We recently had some storms. I did not realize that water had started collecting inside my house. When I finally noticed mold, I called SERVPRO. The team came out the same day and noticed water damage as well. They did a great job cleaning up my house!

A+ work! Thank you SERVPRO!

I would recommend! My office was nice and clean within a few days.

I had a lot of mold in the crawl space underneath my home. It was leading into my first floor. SERVPRO was able to remove the mold pretty quickly and they were super polite. 

I'm so thankful for Shawn and his team. SERVPRO was able to get me back into my home after a water leak very quickly.